Urgent Action for Affordable Housing in MN

Your action is URGENTLY needed!!! Please consider taking the following actions immediately!! 

1)      PRAY for your legislators, legislative leaders, and the governor in these final days of negotiations. Pray that common ground may be found which protects our most vulnerable citizens and creation.

2)      CALL your representative and/or senator and urge them to push their leaders and the governor closer to the higher funding amounts of the Homes for All Coalition.

–          $100 million in bonds for Affordable Housing (Let them know that the increases added by the House this week were appreciated, but even more is needed)

–          Increases in funding for programs addressing affordable housing and homelessness at the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (NOT cuts for MHFA)

Talking Points:

–          Share your unique perspective as a supporter of affordable housing. Is your church engaged in affordable housing or homelessness work? Do you volunteer for a program that works with homeless individuals or families?

–          Emphasize that housing is a smart investment. I$1 in state funding leverages $3 to $4 in private capital toward housing development and preservation.

–          Explain that projects across MN are ready to break ground. Developers are poised to create housing and local jobs, but the resources aren’t available. The state agency forecasts that 4 out of every 5 projects that apply for funding won’t get it.

Who Represents Me? – Use the district finder from the Minnesota Legislature website to retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information. (Choose your state representative or senator for this action, NOT our U.S. senators or representatives from Minnesota to the U.S. Congress)