Advocacy Update – April 2018

Legislative Session: The session is well under way with much activity on issues important to Lutheran Advocacy-MN. Kendrick (Hunger Advocacy Fellow) and Tammy (Director) have been attending hearings on housing/low-income and energy concerns.

Tammy prepared testimony twice for the Senate Energy & Utilities Committee on a bill that would give the state’s main energy company undue power to set costs outside regular oversight processes, one of many attempts to weaken oversight. One hearing was cancelled when leaders realized the considerable opposition from conservative, liberal, business, faith, & environmental organizations. An amendment deleting the original bill to make it “less bad” was adopted in a second hearing, but only 20 minutes was allowed for opposition testimony to the bill!

 Church Meetings/Presentations: Kendrick has been busy meeting with pastors, hunger leaders, and hunger grant recipients, both to learn more about their work and situations and to make the links to the state lack of affordable housing. Both he and Tammy have been doing meetings, presentations and sermons across various parts of the state.

Help Build Legislative Champions on Affordable Housing or Clean Energy: We have several target districts on both issues and need your help and action! We need letters to legislators, letters to the editor, visits with legislators, and more. We also need people to be multipliers in their churches to turn more people into citizen advocates! Give us a call, we’ll put you to work!

 Willing to help build champions? Want us to come to your church?

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