Advocacy Update – August 2019

Facebook Foci:

  • Friday Green Tips – Several months ago, we began posting green tips every Friday. Check them out and let us know if you have ideas you would like us to share.
  • Migrant Mondays – We recently started a series on Mondays related to immigration. The first post featured a beautiful reflection on sanctuary, protection, & shelter from Bishop Jon Anderson. The series will include reflections, action alerts, & immigration updates from partners.
  • Clean Energy & Climate – Throughout the weeks that the world focuses on climate action we’ll have several posts that relate to the debate, including local events and action options.

 Homes for All: Last fall, the coalition’s Policy Team (where we serve) reviewed 44 proposals, compared them with Governor’s Housing Task Force recommendations, and carefully selected proposals bundled into legislation carried by legislative housing champions. It was a bold but necessary agenda! Although housing got more attention than any other issue in final negotiations last session (thanks to advocates like you helping raise the profile) most of that agenda was left undone! Now we’re in the processes of discerning what to emphasize of the remaining agenda, and whether there are other prescient issues that should be added. Bonding to increase the affordable supply will definitely be a priority, so you should raise that this fall with your legislators!

Clean Energy: We are in deep discussions with our partners regarding how much to address in legislation in the next session, versus stressing significant education with the public and legislators to aim for wins in 2021.