Advocacy Update: November 2018

Advocacy Update: November 2018

Homes for All Coalition: Meetings galore!!!  Never have there been so many proposals to consider for the coalition’s collaborative agenda! LA-MN Director Tammy Walhof, serving with the Homes for All Policy Team, engaged by listening to proposal presentations, evaluating proposals, and helping cull them to a more manageable list. One colleague thinks the team spent around 30 hours in that process!

Environmental Coalitions: LA-MN is part of Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP), the MN 100% Campaign, and the State Climate Table. Tammy, in leadership positions with both the MEP Energy Cluster and the Climate Table, has worked hard to bring more unity and common focus to the array of groups and coalitions. She will be turning over her MEP Cluster leadership to others, allowing more time with churches throughout Minnesota actually addressing issues.

Hunger Event: At a hunger awareness gathering of the Northwestern Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota Synods, Tammy described LA-MN’s work to promote policies that ground the fight against hunger in the Christian call for justice, and joined fellow panelists Prairie Rose Seminole (American Indian/Alaska Native Ministries), Ryan Taylor (ND Rancher), and Keynote Speaker Craig Nessan (Wartburg Seminary) in answering questions on hunger, the farm bill, food aid, affordable housing, justice, and more! It was an important and thought-provoking event. (Photo credit: Karen Ehrens)

Pastors’ Conference:  The NE Minnesota Synod’s Laurentian Pastors’ Conference invited Tammy to speak on immigration at their meeting. Tammy shared her experience visiting the Mexican-American border this past summer and reflected on the Bible’s many stories of migration. 

(Photo: Banner at Iglesia Luterana de San Juan Bautista, Tucson, AZ)