Advocacy Update: September 2018

Lieutenant Governor Candidate Forum

Lutheran Advocacy-MN actively promoted Homes for All’s gubernatorial forum. Both major-party lieutenant governor candidates, Donna Bergstrom and Peggy Flanagan, have housing and low-income experience. More than 500 people attended in person or by livestream.  Another 150+ have watched online. If you haven’t seen it, watch the forum!

Lutheran Advocacy – Minnesota highlighted as Homes for All Partner 

LA-MN is honored to be the first partner featured on Home’s for All’s blog as it begins highlighting the work of coalition partners.  Learn more about our work on housing and how you can participate.

Questions for State Legislative Candidates

Election season is heating up!  Do you know where your state legislative candidates stand on issues that matter?  Here are some questions you can ask candidates before election day to make sure you’re making an informed decision!

On clean energy:

Minnesota’s legislature voted nearly unanimously to pass the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act. Governor Pawlenty signed it into law. It set a standard of 25% renewable energy to be reached by 2025 (30% for Xcel Energy), and encouraged energy efficiency. The law has helped Minnesota add many businesses and jobs, reduce prices with low-cost renewables (15% below national average), cut energy consumption by 1%/year, and dramatically lower emissions from power plants.

What would you do to continue Minnesota’s transition to renewable energy?

How would you support clean energy businesses and jobs?

On housing:

Across Minnesota, there isn’t enough affordable housing. High housing costs contribute to increased hunger rates. Families in minimum wage jobs must work 71 hours/week to afford a two-bedroom apartment. 450,000 Minnesota households are cost burdened.

What would you do legislatively to increase levels of safe affordable housing?

How would you protect existing affordable rental housing?

What would you do to prevent and end homelessness?