Care of Creation

Scripture teaches that humanity has a special role in relationship to the rest of creation. While we are formed from the earth like other creatures, humans are charged with being God’s stewards of all of creation. Our elected officials help support the stewardship of God’s creation by appropriating funding for programs that protect human health and the environment. On a state and national level, these programs include promoting clean air and water, protecting land, preventing harm to plants and animals, and supporting biological diversity and healthy communities. In addition, Congress funds major international development efforts to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. These environmental programs are essential to global food and national security, welfare, and economic productivity.

Lutheran Advocacy – Minnesota advocates for policies that protect God’s creation, recognizing that failure to do so intensifies social injustices across the board. A changing climate increases food prices, forcing people to go hungry. Pollution and lack of environmental regulation in marginalized communities result in disproportionate health outcomes for poor families and individuals. Extreme weather events like Hurricanes Harvey and Maria in 2017 displace people from their homes, ruin economies and cost billions to clean up. And the list goes on.

Here are the issues Lutheran Advocacy – Minnesota works on to promote care of God’s creation:

Clean Energy

Climate Change

52 Ways to Care for Creation from Creation Justice Ministries:

52 Ways


Advocating for Justice and Care for All of God's Creation