Clean Energy

Fall 2021 Clean Energy/Climate Crisis Focus:

The crisis is all around us, yet many in our society (including many legislators) are not making the connection between extreme weather/disasters and climate change. The new UN climate report is dire! Change needs to be made now, but if society doesn’t make the connection, change won’t happen.

How do we educate our governmental leaders and the public to understand the seriousness, the immanency, and the need for solutions?

We are now considering how we should prepare for the 2022 Session.

What education is needed for our advocates? What do you need to educate your legislators, fellow church members, and/or the public at large in your community? What should be the role of Synods in multiplying this work? Send your thoughts and suggestions to Thank you!


Special Session Summer 2021

Negotiations on the 13 spending bills continued through all three weeks of the June portion of special session. Read more…

Clean Energy: 

The Commerce/Energy bill included the longest “debate” (25ish hours?). It passed:  70-60 (House) & 60-5 (Senate). Read more…

Clean Car Rule

On July 26, Gov. Walz presented the final version of the new Clean Care Standard.  Read more…

Minnesota’s History with Clean Energy

Video(s) of Ellen Anderson from Clean Energy & Climate Action Day Rally

Video snippets from J. Drake Hamilton at EcoFaith Clean Energy Summit last year

Other Resources

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Awakening to God’s Call for Earthkeeping (Group Study Resource from the ELCA)

 “For creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God.” Romans 8:19

A four-session small group study to encourage, empower, and equip Lutherans in their calling to care for creation. Caring for creation is an essential component of religious faith and witness. Faithful “earthkeeping” can deepen our relationship both with God and with one another, as we work for the healing of the world. This resource is downloadable at no cost at this ELCA link. For more specific information about earthkeeping and using this resource, you may contact the author, and ELCA Diaconal Minister, Kim Winchell, at KWinchellDM

Hunger and Climate Change: Agriculture and Food Security in a Changing Climate (Background Paper)

Climate Change: Poverty & Hunger in a Changing Climate (Background Paper)

Advocating for Justice and Care for All of God's Creation