Clean Energy

Minnesota currently gets 15% of its energy from renewable sources. However, only 1% of the wind potential, and even less of the solar potential, is being tapped.  Meanwhile, a current 1.5% yearly energy savings goal for utilities is conserving enough energy to power more than 102,000 homes. Tens of thousands of good paying jobs have been created through these two initiatives. Minnesota is beginning to be a nationwide leader in renewable energy and energy savings, and is on track to exceed goals in current law. However, as our climate continues to change, more must be done, and done faster to move away from dependence on dirty fossil fuels. Even as utilities ramp up with renewable energy, interest in small-scale renewable projects is very high among businesses, farmers and others throughout Minnesota, but making transitions requires up-front funding, which can be difficult for small business or farm owners.

LA-MN, as a very active partner in the Clean Energy and Jobs Campaign, is working to improve existing law by:

  • Increasing the existing  Renewable Energy Standard to 40% by 2030 (replacing the current Renewable Energy Standard of 25% by 2025),
  • Increasing Energy Efficiency Savings to 2% annually (compared to 1.5% currently), and
  • Implementing policies to grow renewable energy in greater Minnesota, including establishing a Rural Renewable Energy Tax Credit.

PDF Campaign Handout – Agenda for Clean Energy and Good Jobs

PDF Campaign Handout – Clean Energy Plan

PDF Campaign Handout – Renewable Energy Standard


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