MN Water Quality Standards

Action Alert, Week of March 27, 2017

Minnesota Environmental Partnership, Action Alert & Link to Response Form:
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Text of Action Alert:

Please let your elected officials know that you oppose efforts to gut agency rulemaking powers that protect our water quality!

Minnesota agencies’ ability to make rules on water quality are a critical part of protecting our state’s environment. Agencies use scientific expertise and public testimony to set our water standards at the right level to preserve our lakes and rivers.

But powerful interests with plans to pollute our water for economic gain are pushing for measures that would roll back our existing water quality standards, gut our agencies’ rulemaking, illegally suspend clean water rules, and give judges with no scientific expertise the chance to chip away at our standards. This would undermine public input into rulemaking and agency transparency.

These bills’ proponents say that changing this process will be good for business, but the extra cost and delay of this plan, and the drop in water quality it will cause, is not worth it to Minnesotans.

We know that Minnesotans care about our environmental standards, and don’t want to see them rolled back by legislators or judges. And forcing scientists and the public to take a backseat in this process opens the door wide for more pollution in our lakes and streams – we can’t let that happen.

Please tell your representatives and the Governor that you support water quality standards based on expert science and public input

[Click the link above to submit your comments to your representatives and the Governor of Minnesota.]

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