Homes for All’s Legislative Kickoff – Reflection from Lori Haaland

Lutheran Advocacy – Minnesota is an endorsing member of Homes for All, a coalition of over 200 affordable housing advocates, social service providers, developers, and more. For the 2019-2020 legislative biennium, Homes for All has proposed its most ambitious agenda ever, an expansive vision for the future of Minnesota’s housing continuum that addresses everything from homelessness prevention to emergency shelter to rental assistance and affordable home ownership. Follow this link to learn more about the legislative agenda.

LA-MN supporter Lori Haaland attended one of Homes for All’s session kickoff events and offers her thoughts below:

On January 8, I attended Homes for All’s Metro Kickoff and it was a delight. It was wonderful to see the Minnesota state legislators and some of their staff honored as partners who actively support the mission of the group assembled.  They are critical partners, as are all the people working together to find effective ways to support affordable housing and end homelessness.

Two speakers stood out for me. First, a regional director of a nonprofit in northern Minnesota shared how geographical differences can affect housing; although affordable housing needs are the same across the state, the offerings of service to meet needs may look different depending on the location.

Second, a young Liberian man who had experienced homelessness shared his moving personal story, demonstrating that the work of Homes for All is critical and can effectively make a difference in peoples’ lives.  He described how his life has been, and continues to be, richly blessed with the fruits of those working to meet the needs of the homeless.

It was a very powerful event and I observed the diverse backgrounds of the attendees were – all of whom share a contagious, genuine passion around the issues of housing and homelessness in our whole state. I look forward to actively supporting the Homes For All agenda!