Advocacy Update: February 2019

Session is heating up and Lutheran Advocacy – Minnesota is working hard for public policy that honors God’s call for justice. Below is an update about what we’ve been doing:

Homes for All: LA-MN continues to be deeply engaged in the Homes for All Coalition, since high housing costs and lack of affordable housing are primary causes of hunger. The coalition includes 215+ endorsing organizations. We are part of smaller group that work on the nuts and bolts of the legislative agenda. LA-MN Director Tammy Walhof meets one to three times a week with the Homes for All Policy Team to discuss strategy, while Communications and Administrative Coordinator Amy Shebeck meets regularly with the Homes for All Communications Team and manages coalition social media.

On January 17, Homes for All held a Metro-area legislative kickoff event, which included awards for housing champion legislators and staffers in the Minnesoa House and Senate. On January 20th, Homes for All presented our ambitious legislative agenda to the Minnesota House Housing Finance & Policy Division, chaired by Rep. Alice Hausman (DFL), and held a press conference with Rep. Hausman and Sen. Carla Nelson (R). Check our website for links to the Homes for All agenda, one-pagers and updates, as well as our sample letter to legislators.

(Tammy speaking with Rep. Hausman at the Homes for All Legislative Kickoff)

Creation Care: Thanks to Laura Raedeke for providing our Green Tips, which can find on our Facebook page every Friday! At the legislature, the House Energy & Climate Division has been holding hearings twice a week to educate and lay the groundwork for upcoming legislation. We’re working closely with partners and legislators on various clean energy ideas. Your action will be needed soon, so keep an eye on our Take Action page for more details!

Advocating for Justice and Care for All of God's Creation