Session Outcomes

2019 Legislative Session Results

2017-2018 Legislative Session

Bills presented with little time for consideration made for a chaotic end to session. “Trust us” from House leaders met skepticism, given last year’s tricks and additions following the negotiations but before final bill passage.

Affordable Housing

HUGE WIN! With our champion lawmakers from both major parties, hardworking team, and advocates like you, Homes for All secured $90 million in affordable housing! Additionally, coalition partners secured $30 million for mental health crisis centers. We could not have done it without you! Thanks for acting on the alerts shared (by the hundreds) at the early synod assemblies, and on Facebook…and for sharing them broadly in your networks!!!

Clean Energy

Clean energy policy was largely protected. Although Lutheran Advocacy-MN did not work on every the energy issue, you can check out a deep dive into the details of several energy-related bills from our partner, Fresh Energy.

Improving Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES) was not passed, but your efforts in joining with the Faith & Clean Energy Campaign have helped move the issue forward, building champions and decreasing opposition. The Faith & Clean Energy letter with many of you among the 1,200 signers was delivered (with prayer) to the office of Energy Committee chair Sen. David Osmek the morning after session ended. This work needs to continue through the fall, and into next session, where we intend to win that change in the Renewable Energy Standard!!

Protest Penalties

Legislation to enact “Guilt by Association” penalties in the form of felony criminal charges, fines, and/or charging law enforcement costs to individuals and organizations participating in peaceful protests at “critical infrastructure” locations was stripped from the final supplemental budget omnibus. However, it passed both chambers again separately, despite significant opposition, including from LA-MN. We are relieved that Governor Dayton vetoed this legislation, which may have been ultimately deemed unconstitutional!

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