Urgent Action Alert to Gov – Affordable Housing Bonds

Tell the governor to go big and bold in his 2020 bonding request by including $500 million for affordable housing in their proposal!!


ACTION: Call or email the Governor


  1. Tell them who you are & where you’re from
  2. Tell them “Please go big and bold and include $500 million in your 2020 bonding proposal for affordable housing!”


 (Choose just 2-3 from below or use your own. Try to use your own words.)

  • [Share about the housing situation in your community]
  • [Share what your church is doing to try to help address the crisis]
  • “Churches and community groups can’t do everything that is needed. The state needs to step up in a bigger and bolder way.”
  • “Each $1 invested in state bonding additionally leverages more than 3 times that much in private, non-profit, and other funding.”
  • “I’m a Christian (Lutheran) and God calls all of us to work together to make sure those who are most vulnerable have what they need.”
  • “Justice and compassion for those most vulnerable are themes throughout the Bible. In those passages, leaders are called by God to do what is right.”
  • “More than 580,000 Minnesota households pay more than they can afford on housing.”
  • “Households that spend too much of their income on housing often cut family food budgets, forgo necessities like gas to get to work, or cut medicine needed to maintain their health.”
  • “State bonding is a vital tool that provides housing of all types across the state, creating stability for our most vulnerable populations, including seniors, children, and those with disabilities.”
  • “In addition to creating much needed housing, state bonding funds help create jobs & economic development in communities across the state.”
  • “Housing is a statewide issue. The shortage of affordable housing is a concern of both small and large communities – rural, small town, urban, & suburban communities.”
  • “Affordable housing concerns have always been bipartisan in Minnesota! We can solve this when we acknowledge the scope of the need and work together as One Minnesota to meet the needs across the whole state.”
  • Although $500 million sounds like a lot of money, compared to other states, it’s not actually that much. Massachusetts just passed $1.8 billion for housing bonds.

BACKROUND: Governor Walz and Lt. Gov. Flanagan are in the process of creating their proposal for state bonds which they will present in the new year. The state legislative bodies (House & Senate) will work from that initial proposal to determine final bond amounts in various areas.

The Homes for All Coalition, of which Lutheran Advocacy-MN (and you, through us) are a part, believes we need to go really big and bold this year!!

Each year, some resources get allocated to housing, the legislature feels like they are addressing the need, and then wonder why we keep asking for more and talking about Minnesota’s housing crisis. Unfortunately, the truth is that although what we have accomplished each year is significant, it still only touches the tip of the iceberg of need throughout Minnesota.

In addition, Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) has always made up the bulk of rental property across the state. However, in recent years that supply has been (and is being) decimated as investors buy older buildings where rent is less expensive, evict the residents, renovate the apartments, and turn the property into luxury rentals. Or they buy manufactured home parks for some other development purpose, once again evicting people! (Some who own their manufactured home will learn that there is either no place to move it, or that it is too old to be moved). The numbers of people being evicted from housing each year just because property changes hands are by themselves more than what the state can provide in new or renovated affordable homes/units, because the level of state funding just isn’t enough.

We need a bold ask for housing bonds because the need is so great!!! And we need a big, bold ask to help people throughout state government and the state legislature feel the urgency of the tremendous need in our state!

THANKS for your calls or emails, and all that you do for vulnerable people!!