We’ve Got Until Midnight for Affordable Housing & Clean Energy!

Hey Friends – We can still make a difference until midnight! Tell your legislators to push their conference committee negotiators to act for Clean Energy and Affordable Housing. The language in the previous action alerts   is  still usable.  Find the content here:


What are the specifics?

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: This message language is a little more specific than the action alert, but either will work. Tell, tweet, or tag legislators: “We need a bonding bill. Please support #Bonds4Housing! More than half a million Minnesota families pay more than they can afford for housing, and that number is growing. Support the Homes for All agenda including #Bonds4Housing, $1 million for the emergency services program, and $5 million for the affordable #HousingTaxCredit. We need action this session for affordable homes. Thank you!”

CLEAN ENERGY: The discussions haven’t been going well for clean energy!! We know that legislation for 100% carbon neutral energy by 2050 is not going to be included, but tell legislators: “Include policy language on clean energy to move us faster to more renewables by 2030. Xcel Energy has pledged to get to 60% renewables by 2030, and the rest of the utilities should get close to that. Also support Clean Energy First, meaning that if carbon neutral energy is less expensive, it should be used before fossil fuels. Studies have shown that renewable and battery technology can easily handle 60% of our states electrical usage by 2030. Renewable energy is already significantly less expensive and batteries are predicted within 3 years to make even new renewable infrastructure less expensive than fossil fuels.” (This should be a no-brainer, but strong interests are pushing in the opposite direction).

After midnight, the bills go to the Reviser’s Office to make sure they are all in proper legal language & the legislators come back on Thursday for a 1-day special session to pass the final versions of all those major bills.