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Lutheran Advocacy-Minnesota works with coalitions and partners to think about the challenges facing our state, discuss public policy, and magnify the impact of our collective voice. 

Working in a coalition does not mean that we agree with or promote every issue that the coalition works on. Our Policy Council reviews coalition policy priorities (among others) and decides our level of engagement with those priorities. You can read more about our policy council here.



Homes for All is a statewide coalition of 270+ Minnesota organizational endorsers and active participants that advances shared policy initiatives which lead to housing stability for all Minnesotans. It includes service agencies, housing developers, local government entities & agencies, and advocacy/lobbying organizations.


Minnesota Environmental Partnership is a statewide coalition of more than 70 environmental and conservation nonprofits. Together, coalition members and supporters work for clean energy, clean water, and other investments in MN through policy initiatives, public education, and events.



The 100% Campaign is grounded in the idea that “to change everything, we need everyone." The organization seeks an equitable transition to clean energy throughout Minnesota.

AMMPARO is a ministry of the ELCA that seeks to protect migrant children and their families who are forced to flee their communities because of complex and interrelated reasons, including chronic violence, poverty, environmental displacement and lack of opportunities in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. AMMPARO is a holistic, whole church commitment by the ELCA, as a church in the world, to accompany children today and in the future.

ELCA Advocacy is a ministry of the ELCA that lives out the ELCA's commitment to be a public church. ELCA Advocacy works for the common good through political channels on behalf of the following biblical values: peacemaking, hospitality to strangers, care for creation, and concern for people living in poverty and struggling with hunger and disease.

Joint Religious Legislative Coalition - Guided by God's vision of the common good as reflected in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions, the JRLC mobilizes religious communities to influence public policy in Minnesota. JRLC is authorized and governed by four Sponsoring Members: the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the Minnesota Council of Churches, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, and the Islamic Center of Minnesota. All six MN ELCA bishops are on the board of the Minnesota Council of Churches along with other denominational judicatory heads.


Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) is a ministry of the ELCA that works towards a world in which all migrants and refugees are protected, embraced and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities. Rooted in the Biblical value of welcoming the stranger, the LIRS has welcomed migrants and refugees for over 80 years.


The Lutheran Office for World Community (LOWC) is the Lutheran representation to the United Nations. LOWC speaks for peace, fundamental human rights, justice, respect for international law, and better standards of living for all persons. It is is a joint ministry of the ELCA and the Lutheran World Federation.


Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota expresses the love of Christ for all people through service that inspires hope, changes lives and builds community. LSS's vision is that all people have the opportunity to live and work in community with full and abundant lives.





Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light (MNIPL) works in partnership with faith communities to grow the climate movement in Minnesota by empowering individuals and communities across the state to take action that is authentic, effective, and energizing in their context.


The RE-AMP Network is an organization of 130+ organizations fighting to cut carbon emissions across the Midwest. The mission of the RE-AMP Network is to set collective strategy and enable collaboration on climate solutions in the Midwest. LA-MN is primarily engaged with the RE-AMP network through the state climate table.

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