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Advocacy Basics

What is public policy advocacy?

Broadly speaking, public policy is the laws and regulations created by the government in response to a particular issue or problem. Public policy advocacy is the work of raising awareness, organizing and working to influence how the government and its representatives approach and solve a problem or issue.

Why does the ELCA care about advocacy?

As members of the ELCA, we believe God is calling us into the world to serve together. Through our direct service, we aid immediate needs before us. Through our advocacy work, we impact systemic, long-lasting change.

The public policies our officials write, amend and ultimately adopt can have ongoing effects on our neighbors who are struggling with hunger and living with poverty, as well as God’s creation. By urging our lawmakers to advance legislation that reflects our commitment to justice, we are helping create opportunities to overcome poverty, promote peace and dignity, and defend God’s creation.

What are the ways we do advocacy?

Lutheran Advocacy – Minnesota works with ELCA congregations and supporters throughout Minnesota and neighboring states to educate and mobilize people of faith to make their voices heard with lawmakers on issues that matter.  There are many ways to “do” advocacy, which makes it very easy to get involved! You can read more about contacting your legislators here.

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